Knowledge Base Software

Personal Knowbase
The price of this desktop application is $39.95 per seat. You can be able to handle large amount of information with the help of personal knowbase. There are keywords used to manage your notes from text base software in an intuitive way. This software doest not use tree based structure and it can handle thousands of notes very easily. You can filter for related information quickly using keywords to organize notes. It can also help in organizing messages, ideas, quotes, anecdotes and clipping. Different files can be imported including custom formats. You can link with other websites, email addresses and files. There are password protection and cross conference notes available. You can combine keywords using AND, OR and NOT in queries and sort by date as well. There is not limit to the size of the database or length of notes.

DoyleSoft Knowledge Base
The price of this desktop application is $79. There is complete detail of your required information in large database collected through rapid research. The knowledge base articles can easily be annotated and knowledge base articles can also be tracked. The information can be distributed within your company or other organizations commercially who require same information.

General Knowledge Base
The price of this desktop application is $69.00 per user. You can be able to manage all types of knowledge bases with the help of General Knowledge Base which is an innovative knowledge management software. This tool can be used for finding articles, documents or data and categorizing them as well. The user can keep data and documents systemized, add notes, attachments, store and capture web pages from web with the help of this general knowledge base. It provides an easy access to knowledgebase of organization on LAN, WAN or internet.

The price of this desktop application is $10. you can have photographic memory in a unique way with the help of IQPEN which is knowledge management software. You can index audio or visual information by synchronizing it with a simple digital pen and your knowledge management software.

EDraw Network Diagrammer
The price of this desktop application is $49.95 per user. You can find lots of examples and templates in EDraw Network Diagrammer which is professional network diagram and network topology software. You can draw physica network diagrams, Cisco network topology diagrams and logical network diagrams easy with this software.