Call Center Software

IdentaPop Pro
Outlook contact shows called ID pops for TAPI phone systems and modems due to which called ID is overlaid on screen then fades away. The screen which pop up by MS Outlook include Exchange Server public folder for Avaya, ESI, NEC, NBX, Nortel, Siemens, Philips, Panasonic, Nitsuko, Zultys and Splicecom IP phones and modems. This software is good for home users with simple pop up using modems as well as business users with need of screen pops of MS Outlook contacts integrated by TAPI business telephone system. There is choice of CID displayed on screen and screen pops of contacts with MS Outlook integration. You can choose to create new contact in the Outlook if caller is not in your contact list. It is very good option for you if you don’t want another popping window. IT is an ideal productivity with the choice of non intrusive CID display or screen pop of caller information in MS Outlook on the corporate desktop.

3CXPhone System for Windows Free
there is complete replacement of proprietary with 3CX Phone System for Windows Free edition in an office Phone System which can provide support to standard SIP soft/hard phones from any vendor and also to the traditional PSTN lines and VOIP service providers. This software is developed for windows and easy to install, configure and manage with web based config. This software provides hotdesking, no phone wiring required and saves cost with roaming and auto attendant is included in it. Its free edition is available to download.

VentaFax & Voice
This desktop application is available with $49.95 per user. It is a powerful fax and answering machine software. You can send and receive faxes with this software. There is remote control and email integration available with it which makers it versatile answering machine. You can forward your email messages and faxes as email attachments with this software and you can also retrieve fax and voice message from any touchtone phone. There support for Caller ID in this software through which you can record telephone conversation.

AdminsParadise Voip PBX and FAX
This desktop application is available for free which offers significant savings to small, medium or large office. It is  free enterprise web based fax solution. There are ‘movie walkthroughs’ features through installation and administration of software. There is easy web based administration with LiveCd.

The price of this Desktop application is $99.95 per user. This tool provides live help to website visitors and this program does not depend on external servers. You can get information about visitors and their country, IP and webpage accessed by the visitors with this software. There is no monthly fee of the RealTimeQuery.

ZOIPER Free SIP and LAX softphone
There is no price of this desktop application. This software is compatible with Asterisk and SIP or IAX capable system. There are SIP and IAX protocols, SIP over TCP/TLS/UDP, echo cancellation, DTMF tones, multiple audio devices support, call transfer, hold function, portable storage compatibility, and Multilanguage support. There is GSM, alaw, speex and ilbs as well.