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Welcome to the huge world of help desk software and customer relationship management solutions!

Recent years show an increasing interest in building of centralized IT services. This is the main task for a wide range of companies in domain of IT independently of their size. Experience of many years had proven that use of help desk, call center and CRM solutions play an important role in communication between IT specialists and customers. Used mainly to receipt phone calls and give quick advices to help customers help desk software can also serve as a base of information and personal data of customers. List of frequently asked questions can help the organization and IT specialists develop new upgraded technologies and react fast on already existing bugs. Collected data about IT users can help organization follow the needs on market.

We are here for you since 1997 and have already proved our possibility to help decide troubles of all difficulty levels. We try to provide the most important data on existing help desk solutions and CRM software, so that you can chose the gadgets you need the most in your activity. The information provided on such tools pay your attention on benefits of using them. Here are some of such benefits:

  • Tilling and managing the volume of users complaints
  • Tilling of events in automatic monitoring systems
  • Managing of unpleasant incidents
  • Managing of problems
  • Managing of projects
  • Managing configurations
  • Managing of services, etc.

These are not the only solutions help desk software and CRM software can offer. The list of such benefits is much larger. Using our instructions and descriptions you will be able to decide what exact tool you need indeed to solve your problems. Up-to-date information will be always here for you to find and bring the solutions into your business quite fast, avoiding difficulties due to direct links placed to save you time.

We hope you will find needed solution and our Help Desk Guide will became your permanent source of trustworthy information.

We highly recommend a web based help desk ticket system to handle your customer support requests.

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