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CRM suite has become very important for the business to develop, manage and grow their processes. The organizations will be able to retain their customers and also grow their customers’ base with the help of CRM. The CRM solution has become perfect fit for all businesses. It is important for you to know what you are getting when you going to deploy a CRM solution. There are similar expectations of most of the businesses from the CRM solution. You should consider certain factors while choosing CRM which are in accordance with practices and customer approach. The people, processes and technology should be covered by these factors for successful deployment of CRM solution.

How to choose the right CRM software solution for your business

1. Know your requirements
It is important for you to know your requirements before purchasing CRM software. You can easily buy CRM software if you know your needs. You can control and ask vendors the right questions by the analysis of your requirements and vendors will put forth realistic quotes to you without glossing over costs. You should consider the factors like leads conversion, integration of applications, richer customer data, generating more leads, efficient reporting and mobile connectivity. Some of these factors might be over pressing while some not. The analysis of needs should be according to CRM solution as well as your growth plans.

2. Cost
you should consider your financial capabilities. There will be bearing on cost of software and total cost of ownership with the size of your business, number of users and future plans. There should be consideration of cost of software and TCO to compare vendors. The SaaS options can be good for small businesses in which they have to pay what they use. It might be possible that TCO over a period can go beyond the CRM solution. You can bring down the cost of deployment and maintenance with good IT infrastructure.

3. Usability
this factor makes the CRM adoption with a company. There can be user acceptability if there are facilities of navigation, entering data and access of information with minimum number of clicks to the users. There can be cost with the training of employees therefore your CRM system should make the employees to grapple with tabs and functions. You should check training context by the vendors and also the number of personnel they are willing to train. You should also find out extra costs of training involved.

4. Vendor analysis
it is important for you to compare vendors in an objective manner after storing your requirements. You can assess, select and eliminate vendors with prioritize list without wasting your time. The vendors should be assesses on the basis of technology and fitness for long term business relationships as well as the experience. A pre-customized CRM solution will work cheaper as compared to generic CRM. You should select the vendors which fit with your business environment. You and your vendor should work together on key issues for the successful deployment. You should also consider the history of vendor, his standing in market and vision for the future.

5. On-premise or on demand
the methods of deployment will be based on finances, your in house capabilities and other factors whether you are using CRM for first time or making move to another vendor. You can stay in touch with your counterparts behind the desk with on-demand and it is cheaper as well. It can be a good alternative if you want to deploy mobile CRM. It is very easy to deploy as well. You can have greater control over data and get better results for customization efforts with on-premise CRM but it is very expensive.

6. Integration of data
You should compare vendors on the basis of ease of data integration with legacy application in your business. The users can have the single truth about the customers with the CRM and it can also help you in eliminating multiple silos of data. The CRM software can do it very easily by integrating existing applications smoothly. It is also important to get ROI from applications existing within company. The integration capabilities will protect you from lock in vendors. You can build your systems with different vendors as well. Your vendor should also be able to remove and clean dirty data being generated during data integration.

It can be difficult thing for you to select CRM solution but it can give you lots of benefits with its successful implementation. Therefore it is good for you to do your research, get information and compare and ask questions to find vendor who is perfect for your business.

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CRM Software:

Commit CRM, Service & Billing for Computer Repair
The price of this desktop application is $249.00. It is complete software for service management, CRM and billing solution which is made for computer services and computer repair. It can provide support to the businesses to manage their daily activities and they want to improve their results and save costs. There are ticket management, Service Contracts, Dispatcher, Asset Management and Time Billing to track customer equipment and software licenses. The customers and employees can also have web interface. Commit can provide support to Outlook Sync as it is fully integrated with Intuit QuickBooks.

Combit Relationship Manager
The price of this desktop application is $58.00 per seat. The large address management is done by MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL. You can be able to manage any MS SQL Server Database and Customer Relationship Management like projects, real estates etc. You can have the flexibility in it and also manage true relations and database scalability with it. Therefore it can be used by any business and non profit organization.

Advance Contact Manager Professional
The price of this desktop application is $29.99 per user. This software provides technical support to track your customers, open issues and contact history. You can also manage contact management solution for your sales with Advanced Contact Manager. Your team can be able to manage all incoming and outgoing calls, monitor performance of every individual in the team and track the history of client contacts with the help of this tool.

LiveChat Contact Center
The price of this desktop application is $33.00 per user. This software is used for online customer support. You can have real chat with web site visitors and operators with the help of this software. There is multi protocol business instant messenger mode available in Contact Center. You can be able to chat, send files and establish conferences and also keep your business contacts in one place with the help of this software. The companies who want to improve their online customer support and increase sales can get lots of benefits from this software.

the price of this desktop application is $149.00 per seat. You can be able to manage your everyday business tasks in simplest ways with the help of goCRM system. It can also provide you help to control your customers, suppliers, staff, quotes, orders and purchase orders. This system is easy to use and easy to install and can be used all the day. It can be very good for small business sector. The database of goCRM is of high performance in which you can easily manage 1 to 100 users.

Forte CRM Solo
This desktop application is free for users with self contained CRM tool for small business sector. You can be able to automate your relationship procedures with the contact based CRM features. It also provides customizability and scalability. There are emails, notes, document engine, report writer, PIM and filter systems included in this software.

LIVECHAT ContactCenter
The price of this desktop application is $33.00 per user. It is a good online customer support software through which web site visitors and other operators can have real time live chat. There is conjugated feature multi protocol instant messenger mode in the ContactCenter. This software helps you in sending files, establishing conferences and keeping all business contact at one place. This software can be good solution for small business companies.

The price of this desktop application is $29.95 per user. It provides new, simple and convenient interface for email processing. You can increase your productivity and communication with the help of its powerful email management tool. You can also filter and process incoming correspondence and request. You can sort incoming messages on preset criteria with automatic sorting and place them in individual mailboxes.

The price of this desktop application is $29.95 per user. You can be able to send customized email to list of recipients with bulk email software of MailJet. This software can be used as direct marketing software for out press releases, newsletters and announcements to customers, partners and subscribers. There is built in contact list manager in this software through which you can send personalized emails by using tags.

Voicent BroadcasrByPhone Autodialer
It is a free desktop application which is used to broadcast voice messages by phone. This PC to phone auto dialer is good for marketing or political campaign promotion, event notification and event reminders. You can create important phone list with the help of Excel spreadsheet. You can use built in calendar to set a call time after recording your message in an audio file. There is remote access capability in this software. You can take all phone calls one by one like a robot with this software.

Group Mail Manager Premier
The price of this desktop application is $99.99 per user. It is a tracking and affordable web based email management software through which you can process, manage and track messages to generic email inboxes like support@, sales@ and info@. You can get instant access to entire email history of customers and used response templates. You can use this software for customer services, Sales and Marketing Departments and Support Departments.

Omega Enterprise Manager
The price of this desktop application is $29.95 per user. You can keep track of suppliers and employees, accounts and customers with the help of this software. It can also help you in generating reliable, meaningful and professional quality reports, profit margins, employees’ schedules, order, cost summaries and many more. It is easy to use as well.

Allbawse Suite
The price of this web application is $300.00. There are CRM, accounting, ticketing, inventory and many other web solutions available in this web solution.

Client Keeper
The price of this desktop application is $99.00 per user. It provides best CRM solutions to small companies like shops, lawyers offices, travel companies, roundsmes and copyrighters. You can be able to manage your contacts and sales with the help of this software. You can also understand preferences of your clients and increase profits from customer contact. You can be able to make offer which would interest everybody with the detail analysis of each customer.